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A Quick Reminder of What We Do at the Austin Gynecomastia CenterAustin Gynecomastia Center

A Quick Reminder of What We Do at the Austin Gynecomastia Center

This patient is someone who I operated on yesterday. I reached out to him on post-operative day one to check that he had no acute complications and that he was cleared to return home. As a reminder, most of the patients treated at the Austin Gynecomastia Center are from all corners of the globe. I am one of the luckiest surgeons in the world to have such an expansive practice draw—it makes my life more interesting and engaging.

This patient has a thin body habitus and female-looking breasts. From a trained eye like mine (I have performed over 5,000 gynecomastia cases), I can see he has a large volume of gynecomastia tissue present. You must admit that the photo of the specimen on his chest is impressive (and I was able to get that out from relatively small areolas!). His first reaction to my phone call was his appreciation for my services and good care, and to tell me that “the amount removed was more than I expected.” I could feel his relief from the gynecomastia burden over the phone.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful patients in my practice. They are super sweet, considerate, thoughtful, and respectful. They are very familiar with my practice, and they trust me implicitly. My staff and I work tirelessly day in and day out to care for all our patients, so that they can achieve their surgical objectives in a warm, safe, and comfortable environment. This is a big deal. It’s the proverbial “bottom line.” You trust that we will care for you, and that trust is earned every day.

My goal for the Austin Gynecomastia Center has been from day one to “Simplify the diagnosis and treatment of gynecomastia.” No doubt this objective has been met. I published two seminal papers on the diagnosis and treatment of gynecomastia that will become the world standard in the coming years (progress in medicine comes slowly). It’s not brain surgery, and I don’t expect to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine, but I do know that my contribution will help millions of patients worldwide and leave a legacy that makes me proud. As always, I thank each one of my patients for allowing me to learn from them and share my experiences.

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