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Can Exercise Get Rid of Gynecomastia?Austin Gynecomastia Center

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Do chest exercises for gynecomastia actually help? Before talking about the effectiveness of chest exercises instead of surgery for gynecomastia , let's back up to the big picture. Gynecomastia is the appearance of a female-like breast in a man. The condition won't physically hurt you - it's all about how it looks. How do you know if you have gynecomastia? For most men, it's obvious when you have a feminine chest because there is a much thicker layer of tissue on the chest that limits your ability to feel your muscle, your chest area will appear rounded or pointy and not flat, and your areolas can be quite wide. Puffy nipples are a universal complaint amongst most gynecomastia patients. Let's face it - you know when you have it. 

It does not matter what type of tissue you feel for it to be gynecomastia. The tissue might be glandular, fibroglandular, or fibrofatty, and it's almost impossible for me to determine what tissue is present on an examination. Gynecomastia for bodybuilders can be a unique situation. It does not have to be a discrete "rubbery" mass under your areolas. Gynecomastia is simply about appearance and a man knows when it's not right. 

Bodybuilder treated at the austin gynecomastia center

Bodybuilder's Gynecomastia

Is Gynecomastia Bad?

Guys who have gynecomastia are ashamed about the appearance of their chest. Over time, dealing with it by hiding under clothing and slumping your shoulders works in negative ways. It eventually gets into your head and negatively impacts your behavior and your life. Do not deny it - it's real. 

If you think you have gynecomastia you almost certainly do. I consult with grateful gynecomastia patients all over the world every day and I make the diagnosis simply by looking at their picture - not blood tests, radiology scans, or physical examination. A true expert recognizes gynecomastia when they see it.

Prohormone Induced Gynecomastia Removal

Prohormone-Induced Gynecomastia Removal

What is the Main Cause of Gynecomastia?

Knowing what caused your gynecomastia is almost irrelevant. The treatment is the same regardless. The most common cause is leftover tissue from puberty, followed by the high frequency of hormone use currently in vogue. But I do not treat gynecomastia any differently based on the cause. The trigger for gynecomastia could be a clue that you have an uncommon medical condition - like liver disease or Klinefelter syndrome - but more than likely you already knew that and you have gynecomastia as a result of your known condition. 

Can You Cure Man Boobs With Chest Exercises?

I have learned that many of my patients have tried to work their chest muscles in specific ways to help their gynecomastia. Working your chest muscle with pushups, benchpress, or dumbbell butterflies simply does not work to get rid of gynecomastia. The overlying gynecomastia tissue will not shrink. In fact, the larger muscle makes your gynecomastia more noticeable as it "pushes" the tissue out, making it harder to hide. Working the upper part of your pectoral muscle to balance out the gynecomastia fullness of your lower chest doesn't improve the appearance - it makes your chest even rounder which makes it appear more breast-like. 

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Chest exercises for gynecomastia will not solve the problem.

Massive Gynecomastia Male Breast Removal Procedure

Massive Gynecomastia Male Breast Removal Procedure

Real Treatment for Gynecomastia

Let us fast forward to treatment: How is gynecomastia managed and what options other than surgery will make your gynecomastia better? If you want to know the absolute truth, I can tell you without a doubt that the treatment for gynecomastia is a surgical procedure. I remove the gynecomastia tissue and expertly contour the chest area so the result is a normal masculine chest. This sounds easy but I wouldn't try it at home. Frankly, I wouldn't trust most surgeons who tell you they are "qualified" to treat gynecomastia. Experience and a higher understanding concerning gynecomastia AND gynecomastia patients are essential to achieving the ultimate chest - no matter what the appearance is.

"I have never met a person in my life, or even heard of such a person, who successfully made their gynecomastia go away without formal treatment."

Truth be told - and it's worth believing from a trusted gynecomastia expert - the gold standard for treatment of gynecomastia is the expert surgical removal of the tissue and contouring of the chest to achieve a smooth, natural, masculine chest. I have never met a person in my life, or even heard of such a person, who successfully made their gynecomastia go away without formal treatment. I wish it were possible, but the reality of the situation is what it is. The great news is that in highly experienced and qualified hands the treatment of choice is a great one!

I completely understand someone who wants to improve their gynecomastia without turning to surgery. It makes all the sense in the world to not have surgery if you do not need it. It makes no sense (morally and ethically) for me to offer gynecomastia surgery in Austin to patients when there is a simpler option that is safe and reliable. I perform over 400 cases of gynecomastia each year simply because there is no option that works other than surgery. 

freedom from gynecomastia

In my hands, the procedure is safe, reliable, and very effective in contouring the male chest. It's the best way to liberate yourself from mental anguish, which is very real. I just don't want you to believe in false hopes and snake oil treatments when there is only one treatment that works. This is not fake news. You can trust me on this one. I want you to have the chest you deserve. When you're ready to get an expert diagnosis and discuss your treatment options, schedule your free gynecomastia consultation. You've worked too hard to settle for less.

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