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Chest Contouring And Gynecomastia Treatment At The Austin Gynecomastia Center (Zones 2 and 3)Austin Gynecomastia Center

I came across this picture and realized the importance of sharing my professional insight on chest contouring to treat the fullness of the lateral chest during gynecomastia surgery. Most folks wouldn’t recognize the term “gynecomastia” but mention “man boobs” and people get the picture. Not good.

Chest contouring gynecomastia treatment

I developed the Austin Gynecomastia Center Zone Classification system after treating hundreds of patients and realizing that they all had fairly consistent patterns of fullness that fell into these subcategories. In the image above, a patient on the operating room table had chest contouring and gynecomastia treatment of Zones 2 and 3 on one side only. You can appreciate what a big difference there is from one side to the other.

I view the chest as the area above the lower ribs to the clavicles as well as the underarm areas on both sides. Chest contouring treatment should be directed at any and all issues in this area to achieve the best result. Overlooking areas of the chest can compromise results so that they are less natural or masculine.

The benefits of treatment include better definition of the pectoral (chest) muscle and less fullness of the chest under your arms. These areas never contain true gynecomastia tissue, only normal fatty tissue. In many cases, if you lose the weight it’s entirely possible that these areas will improve on their own. Other Austin gynecomastia surgery patients may be more genetically prone to have fat distributed in these areas.

The AGC Zone Classification System ensures that communication with my patients is spot on. You will know exactly where I will operate and what you can reasonably expect to look like after treatment. The only downside to treatment of these areas is the higher potential for seeing a benign inflammation of the chest veins, a condition called Mondor’s. A treatment area that is larger and closer to the lymphatic nodes around the armpit increases the risk of getting Mondor’s. Although it usually goes away on its own, with our without the use of Motrin or Aleve for 7-10 days, it may cause pain and discomfort.

This is a good time to remind all of you considering gynecomastia treatment that one of the biggest problems I face every day is the management of patients who are overweight. It is absolutely imperative that you be as close to your optimal Body Mass Index as possible, firstly for general health reasons and secondarily for better results after treatment. I have great confidence in my ability to control the outcome of your gynecomastia treatment, but I have very little control over your weight management. It’s not easy to lose and maintain a proper weight over a lifetime, but it is essential to a healthy life. I have proven expertise in treating gynecomastia, but I always keep my eye on the bigger issues of weight and general health. I hope you agree.

Gynecomastia Surgery With Liposuction being performed

Gynecomastia Removal with Chest Contouring

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