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Gynecomastia Complications

Reflections from a world leader in gynecomastia treatment

Complications are related to any surgery procedure, gynecomastia included. Thankfully, compared to the serious complications that can occur with some procedures, gynecomastia complications are all non-life threatening and generally easy to manage.

I am a real-deal gynecomastia surgeon. I have performed over 5000 cases, I treat 450 patients each year, I’ve published two important papers on the subject, and I myself have had treatment for gynecomastia. My own gynecomastia treatment was complicated with a hematoma, some hard healing, and scar formation. It’s one thing learning from your patients and a whole other story when you learn from your own complications!

Over the years, I have noted that my low overall complication rate became even lower, and I tried to find out why. Certainly, it had something to do with my actions during the surgery itself. I asked all my office staff, “What am I doing differently during the surgery” to find out what is likely responsible for fewer complications? The universal observation was that I wasn’t doing anything differently during the surgery. I then realized that the likely answer to my question was that I personally observed and experienced complications and that this changed my interaction with my patients. Suddenly I was spending more time informing my patients about their responsibility to manage their recovery to possibly prevent complications.

Indeed, it worked. I came up with my gynecomastia recovery playbook that clearly reduced complications to such a low level I don’t even like talking about it (surgeons can be a bit superstitious). For clarity, the following is my AGC Playbook for gynecomastia recovery:

  • Compression Garment and Lipofoam use
  • Posture Perfect
  • Arms at Side First 24 Hours
  • No Alcohol 1 Week
  • No Excess Fluids 1 Week
  • Rolling/Massage/Mechanical Massage starts at 3 weeks
  • Release any creases or folds manually
  • Own Your Result
  • AGC Brotherhood: Always Help Others
  • If You Need Me, Let Me Know

The importance of finding a master gynecomastia surgeon AND managing your recovery period is essential in ensuring that your gynecomastia treatment is safe and effective and with as minimal complications as possible. Risk-free, perfect surgery is not possible, but we are getting darn close with gynecomastia treatment at the Austin Gynecomastia Center. That’s something I am very proud of and should help those patients who have a reluctance to engage in gynecomastia treatment because of fear and anxiety. Life is Good!

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