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Gynecomastia and Obesity – Is There A Connection?Austin Gynecomastia Center

Gynecomastia sign on male chest

There was a small study conducted years ago that found a correlation between gynecomastia and obesity: obesity occurred more frequently in patients with gynecomastia than in the general population. But we cannot draw a conclusion from these results because the scale of the study was not large enough.

The true answer to the connection between gynecomastia and obesity is further complicated by the fact that the United States is in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Based on body mass index (BMI) calculations, over 40 percent of Americans are considered obese. So, it only makes sense that I would see more men who are overweight.

Patients with gynecomastia often carry more weight than is ideal. First, gynecomastia is a nonstarter. It’s difficult to wear appropriate gym clothing and feel good about the appearance of your chest. Second, fullness in the abdomen and flanks helps to hide the true appearance of gynecomastia because it balances these two areas of fullness. Finally, gynecomastia is so emotionally taxing that patients just don’t feel good about their bodies and their future, so why bother getting into shape?

I evaluate Austin gynecomastia surgery patients from all over the world with my Virtual Consultation feature. It is not uncommon for me to confirm the diagnosis of gynecomastia in addition to addressing weight related issues. The best result can only be attained when the patient is at or near his ideal BMI.

The good news is that gynecomastia treatment can provide the motivation for patients to get into the best shape of their lives! One of my greatest joys is listening to the stories of those patients who had lost weight before and after treatment. As a medical doctor dedicated to improving the wellbeing of my patients in all aspects of their lives, it is heartwarming to be a part of these positive lifestyle changes.

Gynecomastia Treatment in Austin provides the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone—cure the gynecomastia and lose weight.

Zones of Gynecomastia - The Gland vs Fat video with Dr. Caridi

Is It Gynecomastia Or Fat?

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