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Is It Gynecomastia Or Is It Fat?Austin Gynecomastia Center

Is it gynecomastia or fat?

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I must get this question at least 20 times a day from all over the world. There are folks everywhere who are familiar with the Austin Gynecomastia Center and our reputation of always telling the truth without sugarcoating anything.

For the longest time, I have been an advocate eliminating the term “pseudogynecomastia” because it implies that there can be “false gynecomastia” — the appearance of a female like breast in a man that is from fat and not gynecomastia tissue. This would insinuate that the condition is likely to be present only in overweight men. By the same logic, “pseudogynecomastia” implies that the condition will go away when you lose the weight. Unfortunately, although weight loss can make your chest smaller as you lose fat from all over your body, it will not change true gynecomastia tissue. Simply put, “pseudogynecomastia” does not exist.

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Do I Have Gynecomastia And What Do I Do About It?

Nearly 98% of the patients who ask me whether they have gynecomastia or fat usually have gynecomastia. It would be wonderful to believe that fat is the single reason for the fullness of their chest, but this is simply not the case. I don’t know of a single person with gynecomastia who lost weight and—poof!—was cured of gynecomastia. In fact for many Austin gynecomastia surgery patients, weight loss can actually make the appearance of gynecomastia more pronounced. As other parts of the body shed fat and become toned, the chest area remains noticeably puffy, and even more so relative to the rest of the body.

The key to overcoming gynecomastia is to first understand it. The fatty tissues built up beneath the areolas are unique to gynecomastia patients: they don’t change with weight loss, and they are different from the fat found everywhere else throughout the body. Because of these unique characteristics, they ONLY respond to surgical removal by a qualified gynecomastia expert. No oral medications or topical medications will make the condition go away.

Gynecomastia is already the most frustrating part of your life, you don’t need to be wasting your time and money on fake solutions to gynecomastia that will drain your wallet and your spirit. As a physician, I am a huge believer in weight management and keeping your weight as close to your best BMI as possible. Just don’t expect that to cure your gynecomastia. Reach out to a qualified Austin gynecomastia surgeon and embrace the potential for positive changes.

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Is It Gynecomastia Or Fat?

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