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Gynecomastia Horror Stories: Permanent and Irreversible Deformities, Indentions and Recurrence, and What You Need to KnowAustin Gynecomastia Center

The treatment of gynecomastia is not risk-free, and there is no such thing as no complications. Thankfully, in expert hands, the risks are minimal and considered minor. With gynecomastia surgery, your life is not at risk, but as I have learned, everyone I treat wants a perfect result.

Perfection is elusive but a worthy goal for sure.

Forty years ago, papers on gynecomastia often mentioned that the treatment could be worse than the condition. Surgeons didn’t have liposuction then, and they simply removed the mass centered at the nipple-areola complexes, creating a hole that resulted in a “donut” appearance of the chest. Since liposuction came along in the early ’80s, the results are much better—smoother and even.

Surgeons also felt it was necessary to leave tissue beneath the nipple-areola complexes so there wasn’t a caved-in appearance. My paper published in 2022 clearly showed that it was possible to remove all gross gynecomastia tissue and obtain a normal result. The layered closure technique filled in for the missing tissue and liposuction contouring in the surrounding areas as needed to sculpt a normal, masculine chest that patients can be proud of. Better yet, the complication rate with over 4000 cases was very low, and patient satisfaction was high.

Why, then, is there a fear of complications and poor aesthetic gynecomastia results? All surgical procedures are associated with potential complications. The treatment of gynecomastia is not a routine procedure. Many surgeons have yet to perform gynecomastia procedures and lack practice and understanding of its nuances.

It is your job to do your homework and choose your surgeon wisely to ensure that you are in the very best hands so you can enjoy the phenomenal benefits of gynecomastia treatment. I truly believe there has never been a better time than now to consider gynecomastia treatment.

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