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Is Gynecomastia Surgery Without Scarring on the Chest Possible?Austin Gynecomastia Center

Is gynecomastia surgery through the armpit alone without scarring on the frontal chest area possible?

Is gynecomastia surgery through the armpit alone without scarring on the frontal chest area possible?

Gynecomastia treatment has a history of various approaches for best results. It's nice to have options, but sometimes too many options can confuse those seeking the best form of Gynecomastia treatment in Austin offering reliable, safe, and predictable outcomes. I have spent the past 15 years at the Austin Gynecomastia Center tinkering with various options to determine what works best for my patients and me. The clear winner is the approach I wrote about and published, "Total Gynecomastia Removal with Layered Closure: A Study of 567 Cases".

After I had treated several thousand patients, it became quite clear to me that the key to optimal gynecomastia surgery is the complete removal of all gross gynecomastia tissue and the use of a layered closure technique along with both standard and VASER ultrasonic liposuction for male breast. The ultimate goal is a smooth, masculine chest without signs of surgery. The incision for this technique includes a small one in the armpit area and a fingertip-sized incision at the bottom of the areola border where the different skin tone of the areola meets the normal skin of your chest. Without question, these incisions heal pretty well and are very difficult to see. In fact, the periareolar incision is the "gold standard" incision for gynecomastia treatment. There is no better way to hide a scar than to place it in a natural boundary between two different colored tissues.

There are other options for treatment that include a "pull through" technique with a lateral chest incision only and even an approach with an incision only in the armpit. Are these techniques effective? If they are, why am I not using them?

The "pull through" technique with the lateral chest area is suboptimal because it leaves both gynecomastia tissue and a very visible scar on the lateral chest area. Not good at all. In my opinion, this is a non-option and nothing I would ever offer my patients.

The idea of an incision in the armpit only means that you are performing liposuction alone (I squashed this idea many years ago) or using a "cheese grater" cannula to remove the dense gynecomastia beneath the nipple-areola complex. This technique will also not remove all the gynecomastia tissue, especially under the areolas causing the "puffy nipple" appearance, and likely will lead to more scar tissue and hard healing.

I have heard from countless patients over the years who have had previous treatment elsewhere that these approaches made it "better," but it's not where I want to be. This says it all. It's possible to make your chest smaller with these modalities, but the true art of gynecomastia treatment is to reach the ideal endpoint of treatment so your chest rocks. No leftover tissue. Minimal chance for recurrence no matter what supplements or medications you take and the ultimate masculinization of your chest.

Understand that I, too, can offer you alternative approaches to optimal gynecomastia treatment, but if the goal is the best result, the preferred alternative is my standard approach. Be aware, too, that some practitioners are offering you forms of treatment that you are searching for so they obtain your business. If you are confused about the best form of treatment offered for gynecomastia surgery in Austin, you will need to spend some time and effort in learning from trustworthy sources.

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