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Is Gynecomastia Treatable?Austin Gynecomastia Center

Before and after photos of chest
Before and after photos of chest

Understanding Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the appearance of female-like breasts in a male. The cause is an imbalance of hormones that occurs for various reasons (puberty, medications, weight gain, medical conditions, and performance substances, among others). The condition is benign, with the onset usually gradual, and can be associated with pain. The appearance varies considerably. The diagnosis is made on examination and appearance. It’s obvious when your chest has female-looking features or if you have puffy nipples (dome-shaped and pointy).

If you suspect you have gynecomastia, no workup or analysis is necessary, and no lab tests or scans are helpful. The easiest way to find out is to submit an online consultation to the Austin Gynecomastia Center. I will help you determine if you have gynecomastia and what is the most effective treatment possible.

The Impact of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia results in an unappealing change in the shape of the male chest that causes concern, anxiety, and, eventually, poor habits that diminish your quality of life. Poor posture, wearing very loose clothing, and avoidance behaviors (no pools, beaches, or lakes in your plans) are but a few of the negative psychological consequences of gynecomastia.

Treatment Options

The great news is that gynecomastia is a treatable condition. Surgical treatment is the ONLY effective solution. It would be nice if it could be managed with a pill, but this is not the case. Weight loss only makes it appear worse, and exercise isn’t the answer either.

Modern Surgical Treatment

Fortunately, compared to gynecomastia treatment 40 years ago, current treatment as performed at the Austin Gynecomastia Center with over 6000 patients, is very successful, predictable, scarless, and liberating. Recovery from treatment is short, so your return to life’s activities and responsibilities is a breeze. The Austin Gynecomastia Center has simplified the diagnosis and treatment of gynecomastia so the world benefits from effective treatment.

Gynecomastia can be a tremendous burden to bear. Modern gynecomastia treatment is safe, reliable, and very effective in removing the curse and restoring your manhood with your best days ahead of you!

Our team at AGC is here to answer your questions, assist with scheduling your appointment, or help you with any other matters related to your treatment. Book your consultation online for specific questions regarding a personalized surgical plan.

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