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Is SmartLipo Really An Effective Treatment For Gynecomastia?Austin Gynecomastia Center

The most challenging Austin gynecomastia surgery cases I work on involve the consequences of SmartLipo treatment. SmartLipo is a liposuction device that is laser based and has been heavily marketed for over a decade as the ultimate form of liposuction because it claims to do everything anyone could want—no anesthesia, no bruising or swelling and perfect results every time! Is SmartLipo for gynecomastia and effective treatment?

A decade later, the evidence tells me quite a different story. As a Senior surgeon in my town, I happen to see a lot of folks who have had previous procedures from the hands of various experts who have used SmartLipo and I am shocked by the degree of scarring that can come from the use

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of this machine, the asymmetrical results and the degree of pain and discomfort associated with the procedure without adequate anesthesia.

This is a high-energy device that essentially “melts” the fat like a torch through butter. It can heat up the tissues and essentially “cook” tissues to such a degree that it causes extensive scarring. When I perform revision procedures on those who have leftover masses of gland not removed by liposuction, it is quite challenging to deal not only with the remaining tissue but also the extensive scarring in the surrounding area from SmartLipo. Surgical dissection is much more difficult, healing is more prolonged and the potential for irregularities is higher than normal.

In properly selected patients and in the hands of someone who knows how to use this device, the results can be adequate and satisfying. By the very nature of how this machine is marketed and used, however, this should not be commonly offered. You should be well advised of this so that you don’t fall victim to market hype and the use of a potentially dangerous machine to achieve results that are easily accomplished with a much higher degree of reliability and consistency with other gynecomastia liposuction devices. Even more to the point, it’s your surgeon and not the device that determines your results.

This does not mean that all SmartLipo cases result in extensive scarring, only that I have seen it quite a few times. And since I’m one of the busiest gynecomastia surgeons anywhere, this tells me something. It should tell you something as well: learn from prior experience, get it done once and done right. Don’t choose a technique you see in advertisements everywhere; choose your Austin gynecomastia surgeon carefully for his/her skills and experience.

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