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Men’s Health Magazine Does A Story On The Austin Gynecomastia CenterAustin Gynecomastia Center

Dr. Caridi examining gynecomastia patient

Opening spread of the Men’s Health magazine feature on gynecomastia thanks to u/ilovenyc of the great Reddit r/gynecomastia community

This late summer edition of Men’s Health magazine features a story about gynecomastia surgery at the Austin Gynecomastia Center. We had the good fortune of having them come visit us for several days to see firsthand how we care for our gynecomastia patients, so they can spread the word about this unfortunate condition affecting men.

When first approached for this article, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get the word out about gynecomastia. I wanted them to fully understand the implication of having this condition and the associated mental burden. The story needed to be told honestly, accurately, and with sensitivity. I’m happy to tell you that after reading the article for the first time at the Denver airport, I was very pleased with the work the author, Tom Foster, did in capturing the essence of appropriate and professional treatment of this common condition. My hat’s off to the folks at Men’s Health for their outstanding work!

dr. caridi in men's health magazine story

Gynecomastia in Men’s Health Magazine – Behind The Scenes

The Truth about Gynecomastia

I am personally excited for all those men out there who find this article and take home some of the important messages. Gynecomastia is a real condition. It is benign, but it works in devious ways to mess with a guy’s head. The consequences of this condition include antisocial and avoidance behavior and many other maladaptive/dysfunctional habits. In the overwhelming majority of cases, no special lab or radiology tests are necessary. The diagnosis is made on appearance—it looks like a female breast. The only known treatment is the surgical removal of the tissue. There are no non-surgical remedies – diet, exercise, pills and lotions will not change your destiny. Truth be told, you can’t cure your gynecomastia yourself. You will need an experienced professional surgeon to make this happen.

The actual surgical treatment of gynecomastia works quite well. It is not without risks and complications, but it certainly works in professional, experienced hands. I always recommend you seek out the best plastic surgeons who are board certified with impeccable credentials and vast experience. Treatment typically takes less than an hour, the procedure is outpatient, and recovery is but a day or two.

The Gynecomastia Brotherhood

Men's health magazine cover

The Gynecomastia Brotherhood is a term I have coined regarding the need for all of us, the professionals who treat gynecomastia and the patients who have it, to spread the word about gynecomastia and help those who suffer from it. This can take on many forms – from face to face discussions, online chat room and forum participation, and other opportunities to help those who suffer from it. As a reminder, the goal at the Austin Gynecomastia Center is to “help simplify the diagnosis and treatment of gynecomastia and ease the mental and physical burden for those who suffer from it.”

The condition of gynecomastia needs to step out of the shadows. It is a relatively common condition that actually has a solution. I will continue to work hard to help those who suffer and educate all who are willing to listen. I thank the thousands of patients to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for allowing me to learn how gynecomastia has impacted their lives and how best to surgically contour the male chest. On a personal note, it has made be a better person. Life is good!

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