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Should I travel to get the best gynecomastia treatment?Austin Gynecomastia Center

Should I travel to get the best gynecomastia treatment?

There are many people out there on the “fence” when it comes to gynecomastia treatment. They have learned much from the Internet and forums, but they still hesitate to engage in treatment. Factors such as cost, recovery time, travel, uncertainty in general, fear of anesthesia and surgery and “botched” surgery result in hesitation and fence sitting.

At the Austin Gynecomastia Center, the world’s premier gynecomastia institution based on results, publications, actual experience, volume, and reputation, most of my patients are not local. They travel by plane, train, boat, automobile to reach my surgery center in beautiful and vibrant Austin, Texas. The general experience of my out-of-town patients has been very positive, if not life-changing in many ways.

The ideal scenario for gynecomastia treatment is you visiting with an expert close to home. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case because there are so few gynecomastia experts worldwide. Although gynecomastia treatment is in the purview of plastic surgeons, only a small amount of them have significant experience with gynecomastia treatment. It’s one thing to treat 8 gynecomastia patients in your lifetime, while at the AGC I treat over 450 each year! Is there a difference? You know there is! Ultimately, if you want to consider a true expert it looks like some travel is in order.

What is the recovery from gynecomastia surgery? Is gynecomastia treatment something that can be done for traveling patients? You bet it is. The reason is that the procedure is short, gynecomastia recovery is mild and tolerable, and there is no long stay needed. At the AGC, patients arrive the day before treatment and leave the day after treatment. Short and sweet. Luckily, the recovery is typically smooth and uneventful so follow up is simply unnecessary. Having said all the above, we have been working on a system for many years that makes this all possible and it works—I have performed thousands of gynecomastia procedures on men worldwide. See what they have to say.

The true cost of gynecomastia surgery can’t only be counted in dollars. The cost of NOT getting treatment is quite significant and I can make a strong case that delay in treatment only means suffering the burden of gynecomastia day in and day out. “It’s been a long time coming” is an often-heard statement from my patients. If you truly want to live the life you want to live you are going to have to get off the fence and make a positive life decision for the better. Learn from the very best—the Austin Gynecomastia Center.

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