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How many types of gynecomastia tissue exist? Is the treatment of gynecomastia based on the type of gynecomastia tissue present?

I just did a simple search on the internet for gynecomastia tissue, and in a few scrolls down the page, I realized there needs to be more clarity out there. To me, the answer is straightforward, and this is likely because I have had the good fortune of operating on almost 5000 patients and published my experience and findings in 2022. The standing mission of the Austin Gynecomastia Center is to “simplify the diagnosis and treatment of gynecomastia.”

I’m actually not sure how many types of gynecomastia tissue exist. I have seen some patients who have all gland, and I have seen many where the tissue was mostly fatty and fibrous in nature, and I have seen many in between. I have given up trying to document in my operative report the type of gynecomastia tissue removed because it’s hard to tell what exactly to call it, and unless it’s obvious what it is, I can’t make an official declaration. WE DON’T KNOW HOW MANY TYPES OF GYNECOMASTIA TISSUE EXIST.

Is the treatment of gynecomastia based on the type of tissue present? The answer here is generally NO. I am often heard telling my patients that I don’t need to know what type of tissue is present as the treatment is the same for everyone but for one exception—those patients with very little body fat who have all glandular tissue (most commonly seen in bodybuilders taking hormones/supplements at their prime). This is the exception to the rule, as they are treated without the use of ultrasonic or standard cannula liposuction. I remove their glandular masses with the electrosurgery device and my high-powered, lighted eyeglasses.

Think of it this way: on one end of the spectrum is gynecomastia tissue that is all gland, and on the other is all fat, and in between is a combination of the two. I look forward to the opportunity to study this question, but I have yet to find a pathologist to work with. In the meantime, all you need to understand is we really don’t know what types of gynecomastia tissue exist. More importantly, it really doesn’t matter when it comes to effective treatment, as they are treated all the same unless your case is 100% gland!

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