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VASER™ Shrinks Gynecomastia Gland By A Factor Of 7Austin Gynecomastia Center

Vaser Shrinks Gynecomastia Gland

I’ve been performing gynecomastia surgery for a long time. The procedure itself hasn’t changed – remove the gynecomastia gland and sculpt the chest area – but my techniques are always evolving. Now that I’ve started using the Vaser system, I’ve found that the Vaser shrinks gynecomastia gland by a factor of seven! The only downside is that patients no longer see the full size of the Gynecomastia gland that was removed.

When I first started treating gynecomastia several decades ago, I would perform the open technique. This means I would get right at the mass and remove it with my surgical instruments and perform some liposuction to even out what remains. The results were impressive, and were actually no different than the results I obtain with the Vaser technique.

Treatment Using Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction

New Gynecomastia Treatment Using Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction - Austin Gynecomastia Center

When it comes to the Vaser technique, the only thing lacking is the huge mass of tissue removed, and the overall greater challenge of performing a mastectomy on a man through a small incision at the areola. The Vaser is a game changer. I use it to remove the fat and the fibrofatty tissue, and even the tough glandular tissue, which I can pull out through a tiny incision at the areola border. The Vaser can shrink the average gynecomastia mass by a factor of seven! All the drama is lost! The specimen is much smaller, and I no longer get to show my patients this huge mass that they know existed. Despite this minor disappointment, these are the tremendous benefits that you wouldn’t otherwise get:

  • The incision is smaller and therefore any scar will be smaller.
  • It is easier for me to perform the procedure reliably and consistently.
  • It takes me less effort. I only need a few of the many instruments required with the open technique. I no longer need my specially designed retractors, and I really don’t need the assistance from my nurses like I did before.
  • There is less pain, bruising and swelling post operatively.

In my thirty-year career in plastic surgery, I have never come across a technology more revolutionary than the Vaser system. Here we are now, about 2,000 cases later, enjoying all the benefits of the Vaser system.

I certainly don’t want you to be disappointed when I visit you after your procedure and present you a smaller-than-expected mass. Even though it won’t be like the entire mass, or “filet-o-fish,” that I feature in some of my earlier videos sans Vaser, you can still see it and feel it. All you need to know is that your gynecomastia is no longer, that you have been cured of a condition that had wreaked havoc on your mental well-being, and that from that day on you will live a life free from gynecomastia. This is the new beginning of your new life. This is the time to wholly engage your potential and live your life to the fullest.

Amen to that.

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