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What are the key ingredients to successful gynecomastia treatment?Austin Gynecomastia Center

Gynecomastia Success

Austin, Texas is considered the Music Capital of the World by many. Some folks believe it is also the Gynecomastia Capital of the World. The Austin Gynecomastia Center treats over 400 cases each year and consults with thousands more. We are quickly approaching the 5000-patient procedure milestone. This makes for the potential of learning much from such an enormous volume of patients. And learn I did.

The great thing about doing the same procedure repeatedly is that you learn how to successfully treat and manage gynecomastia patients. The goal is to fee patients from the burden of gynecomastia by making a masculine chest they can be proud of. Results must be consistent and reliable, and the procedure must be safe. Complications must be uncommon and recovery quick.

While many factors are involved in a successful, rewarding gynecomastia treatment, I have narrowed down the list to include the following:

  1. First and foremost is the selection of a quality surgeon. This means someone who does a lot of them, has a reputation for quality results, and who understands the psychological consequences of gynecomastia. With careful homework, the real deals will be easy to spot.
  2. No alcohol 1 week prior to treatment and two weeks afterwards. Alcohol makes you bleed, bruise and swell. There is really nothing good about alcohol anyway (it’s poison), so make sure you commit to abstaining from alcohol (and if you can stop altogether all the better).
  3. Limit fluid intake after treatment to about 35-40 oz per day. You do not want to “power drink” fluids thinking this will make you heal faster. Excess fluids cause swelling and water accumulation in your chest and this may lead to seromas (collections of body fluids) which harm your healing.
  4. Most gynecomastia patients have poor posture as this is a way to hide their chest. Proper posture (tall and proud) helps ideal skin retraction after treatment and helps your mental recovery. It’s a big deal.
  5. Wear your compression garment and use lipo foam material to provide compression and stability of your chest skin. For those with skin laxity this is all the more critical so the skin lays down flat without creases or folds. It helps control swelling and the healing process. I would wear a compression garment for at least 5-7 weeks and longer if you feel it’s helping.
  6. Take it easy for the first 48 hours after surgery. This is the time when you can develop bleeding and a hematoma (blood collection). Keep your arms at your side (so your chest muscle doesn’t work much) and don’t get your blood pressure up (bending down/exercise/exertion).
  7. Have a positive attitude. As with anything, having a positive attitude really makes for a much better experience for all. There has never truly been a better time to have your gynecomastia fixed. Embrace your result. Own it.
  8. Do your homework and learn from trusted sources. Avoid websites and information that you want to believe and focus on information that reflects the reality of the situation. For example, there is ample information available about the non-surgical treatment of gynecomastia but there is no form of effective treatment that doesn’t include removal of the tissue.
  9. Invest in your treatment and leverage your new chest. If you want to make some positive life changes this is a great time to jump start your efforts to achieve your goals. The most common are often weight loss, positive self-image, improved confidence and feeling your mojo. Always be Kind.
  10. Lastly, remember the Gynecomastia Brotherhood. This means helping out all those who suffer the burden of gynecomastia as only you would know. Helping others will also help you.

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