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What You Need to Know About Gynecomastia and Good Posture Austin Gynecomastia Center

Poor posture and gynecomastia go hand in hand. Most patients seen at my Austin Gynecomastia Center have poor posture. The reason for this is obvious—slouching of the shoulders and bending at the back camouflage or hide the prominence of your chest. Unfortunately, this leads to both mental and physical compromise. People who slouch don't look as good as they can if they sat up straight. Slouching gives off signals of insecurity and a lack of confidence. Patients who do this are experiencing the mental burden of gynecomastia.

Why is good posture so important when it comes to the best gynecomastia outcomes from treatment? This is particularly true when a patient has a large amount of tissue with a big chest, when they have a history of significant weight loss with skin laxity, and when their chest is saggy with downward directed nipple-areola complexes. Good posture promotes optimal healing after gynecomastia treatment. The ultimate goal is for a flat, smooth chest with ideal placement and shape of the nipple-areola complexes. Good posture allows for the best skin retraction after removal of all the gynecomastia tissue. I want the skin to move UP and not DOWN. Good posture moves the skin UP. If you want the best result from gynecomastia treatment, I need you to exercise good posture.

Proper posture is also essential for mental liberation/transformation/metamorphosis after gynecomastia treatment. There is nothing to hide after gynecomastia treatment at the Austin Gynecomastia Center. Your chest will ROCK. No more feminine breasts, no more puffy nipples, no more worry about what others think, and it's open season on the pool, lake, or beach. Look in the mirror, and the reflection is that of a man with a nice chest that has no reason to worry at all. Good posture accentuates the positive physical change which then opens the flood gates to positive mental change.

How do I know if my posture isn't good? What can I do to improve my posture? Look at the photo included with this blog. You can see the lines beneath his chest. These are posture lines. They exist because he bends at his upper thoracic spine, and this flexion causes creases. This is physical evidence of poor posture. If you want to evaluate your posture, stand in front of a mirror and check out your side view. If you have a round curve to your back and your shoulders sit far forward of your chest, you have poor posture. How do you correct this? That's easy enough. Simply sit upright, check yourself in the mirror often, and tell all those around you to inform you when your posture is poor. Posture devices and wearables may help but are unnecessary.

Don't underestimate the importance of good posture when it comes to the treatment and recovery from gynecomastia. If you want to experience all the amazing benefits of expert gynecomastia treatment you need to be 100% committed to good posture. I know you can and will do this because everyone who invests in gynecomastia treatment wants the very best results.

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