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When Is Gynecomastia Bad Enough to Get Surgery?Austin Gynecomastia Center

I often get the question, “Is my gynecomastia bad?” As a point of reference, I have performed almost 5,000 surgical cases of gynecomastia at the Austin Gynecomastia Center here in Austin, Texas, and I consult with over 25 patients from all over the world each and every day. I have also published two important papers that have changed the very diagnosis and treatment of gynecomastia. I am sensitive to my patients and continually seek out whether they are satisfied with their treatment and why.

Gynecomastia, for most patients, tends to be more of an “on/off” switch and not a “dimmer.” Patients with relatively small gynecomastia masses seem to be as negatively impacted as those who have a large amount of gynecomastia with, for sure, female-like breasts. I’m sure there is a real difference between the two in terms of the embarrassment and ability to hide or camouflage their chests, but the bottom line, mentally, is that they both suffer quite a lot.

If I told you that your case wasn’t that bad, would you be OK without treatment for your gynecomastia? I have been down this road many times before trying to be a therapist, but my ability to convince patients they don’t need surgery hasn’t been successful. Knowing it is there, feeling it each day, and seeing the difference in your chest with others with or without a shirt simply sticks in your mind, and it’s not something that many guys can overcome. You’re a prisoner, and you want freedom from gynecomastia. No amount of talk therapy will work.

Unfortunately, non-surgical treatments for gynecomastia don’t exist. Pills, potions, weight loss, diet, or exercise will not cure gynecomastia. It’s surgery or bust. When is the best time to consider gynecomastia treatment? For many, money is always an impediment to treatment. For others, they fret about what can happen, anesthesia, and the general “unknown.” You will know when it’s your time. Frustration builds, finances improve, and education and homework will direct you to the right surgeon.


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