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Why Get Your Gynecomastia TreatedAustin Gynecomastia Center

Gynecomastia patient before and after

This is a wonderful case to illustrate why gents get gynecomastia surgery and why I do so much of it. This young man and I crossed paths some years back and I found him full of personality and motivation. He had significant gynecomastia as you can clearly see in his pre-operative photos. I was not able to get any formal post-operative photos but he did send me some periodic selfies to update his progress.

The saying “a photograph is worth a thousand words” holds true in his updates. You can see that he has lost a lot of weight and has gotten into great shape. His SMILE speaks volumes as to his amazing body image that has resulted from his gynecomastia treatment. He has been liberated and he really feels good about it. He says the price of gynecomastia surgery was well worth it.

grid of before gynecomastia surgery images showing why get your gynecomastia treated

I wanted to share this with all of you because my hope is that you too will experience the transformation that he has been through. Happiness is not a guarantee in life and it’s very important. When I can help someone achieve this ultimate goal, I feel good – I have done my job to the fullest extent. It’s not enough to just transform the physical appearance of the gynecomastia chest – I must do my best to help each and every patient to achieve his freedom from gynecomastia!

freedom from Gynecomastia with the austin gynecomastia center

The treatment of gynecomastia opens the door for many options that didn’t exist prior. Once the shackles of gynecomastia have been removed, patients often experienced heightened motivation to do things they have never done before – taking their shirt off in public, wearing that Polo for the first time, feeling comfortable when intimate and losing weight and getting into the very best shape ever.

There is no gynecomastia playbook yet (I’m working on it). Whatever it takes you to get “back into the saddle”, you need to move in that direction. It may take some time, but with experience you will gain confidence and transcend into the ultimate happiness zone.

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