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My Chest Looks Smaller After Gynecomastia TreatmentAustin Gynecomastia Center

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I’m writing this now as I just got off the phone checking in with a patient whose procedure I had done yesterday. I called to tell him that he looks good and offer him congratulations on his new chest. Although happy, he told me that he felt his chest looks so much smaller now. I then gave him reassurance that his result is perfectly normal, and he only has reasons to be super excited about the future.

After routine gynecomastia treatment at the Austin Gynecomastia Center, all patients will experience a more defined, masculine chest that will always be smaller than before surgery as the procedure is reductive. I remove all the gross gynecomastia tissue (a big deal published by me) and I sculpt the remaining entire upper chest as needed so the result appears sculpted, masculine, and normal. Remember, the universal goal of my gynecomastia patients is for a “flat” chest without puffy nipples. Guys want a good-sized chest but nothing that looks like a female like breast. With my treatment at the Austin Gynecomastia Center, this is exactly what you get.

Another related question is: What will my chest look like after gynecomastia treatment? The answer to this is simple—whatever your underlying anatomy looks like. If you have larger, symmetrical pectoral muscles you will see them shine through. If you have rib asymmetries side to side this may appear more obvious after treatment. What you see is what you have under there before treatment!

Furthermore, we need to discuss the issue of body proportions and balance. When a patient has a larger/fuller abdomen before treatment of their gynecomastia, their chest can look even smaller because of the fuller abdomen. Although a “belly” is something guys can accept and deal with, I know the result of gynecomastia treatment is best when my patients are at or close to their ideal weight.

The most exciting thing about your chest after gynecomastia treatment is that you can exercise your chest muscles to your heart’s desire to achieve the size and shape you’ve always wanted! A wish I have for all of my gynecomastia patients is that they use the motivation provided by their new chest to live a happy life with better lifestyle habits. It’s important to be in your ideal/healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

The results of gynecomastia treatment are immediate. The recovery from surgery is relatively brief and uncomplicated. The MENTAL recovery from gynecomastia takes some time. This includes both the adjustment to your new chest and to your new life free from the burden of gynecomastia. Embrace your new chest as well as your newly found liberation.

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