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What if Previous Gynecomastia Treatment Did Not Meet Your Expectations?Austin Gynecomastia Center

I receive email inquiries and Virtual Consultations from all over the world about everything that has to do with gynecomastia. A common patient concern is with previous gynecomastia surgery, or male breast reduction treatment, that has produced disappointing results. The following is a real email I received that describes this situation better than I can:

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“I have had Gynecomastia since puberty. I tried diet and exercise but was never able to rid myself of the problem. I made the decision last year to get corrective surgery here in Houston. I was excited to finally be rid of the problem. The surgery was performed on November 24, 2015. The initial results were pretty good but as the days and weeks went on my Gynecomastia seems to have come back. My chest is slightly smaller than it was pre-op but nowhere near my expectations, especially for the amount of money I spent. My biggest fear going into the surgery was the problem not being fixed and that is what has happened. I still have all of the same issues: can’t wear certain shirts, can’t take my shirt off in public, etc. I have been told to wait 6 months for final results but there has been zero improvement for the last couple of months so I figured I would reach out to you. Someone on RealSelf recommended you. I would like to get your opinion on my situation as I would like this problem to be solved for good. Thank you.”

When you look at his picture, it is obvious that the result is not up to my high standards. I’m sure it is better than what it was before treatment, but it’s not what it is supposed to be. No wonder this poor fellow feels frustrated and disappointed with his experience and the money he spent for what he thought would be an end to his gynecomastia.

Assessing the finish point or end point of gynecomastia treatment is a key to determining success. If you remove too much tissue, it can look overdone, and if you remove too little, it doesn’t look like anything has been changed. Over the past few decades and more than 1200 gynecomastia procedures, I have come to understand what makes my patients happy and how I should approach each and every case so I get it right, once and for all. This is a big deal. It takes a lot of pressure off me because I can reliably predict how happy my patients will be after treatment based on the amount of tissue I have left, the amount I keep and the final appearance of the chest. It’s hard for me to call a treatment successful unless the patient is happy with his results. Anything is better than what I had does not apply to gynecomastia treatment. I have to bring you at least 90% of the way to your desired end result or it will be like I did nothing at all. The question I want to answer is: Why is that necessary?

Gynecomasita results are right out of the box, generally. This means that the minute I am done with your treatment, you will see a big difference and know that your problem has been taken care of. This isn’t a matter of “waiting six months for the swelling to go away.” As always, there are exceptions, but they are few and far between. Residual swelling and induration do take some time to go away, after which your true final definition becomes evident.

If you have had previous treatment for gynecomastia and you feel that your appearance leaves much to be desired, you should seek an evaluation from a gynecomastia expert—someone who has done enough to know better. This is made very easy with my Virtual Consultation. Send me some information and pictures and I will tell you what I think. I may just tell you that you’re doing great and you simply need to own it.

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An Introduction To Gynecomastia From Dr. Caridi

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