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How Much Does Gynecomastia Surgery Cost?Austin Gynecomastia Center

gynecomastia surgery cost

When it comes to gynecomastia treatment surgery, “gynecomastia surgery cost” has always been the most searched for item on the Internet, second only to symptoms. After determining that one has gynecomastia, the next step is to consider treatment options. The natural instinct is to scour the Internet looking for the least expensive, most effective treatment out there. Unfortunately, when the only cure for the condition is a surgical procedure to contour the chest and remove the offending tissue that makes your chest look more like a female breast, many patients view the cost for true and full treatment to be quite high.

Do I Have Gynecomastia And What Do I Do About It? Common Gynecomastia Questions

Do I Have Gynecomastia And What Do I Do About It?

Gynecomastia surgery cost varies considerably amongst surgeons nationwide. Some surgeons who aren’t comfortable treating this condition may charge a premium. Others may charge a lot for the procedure because they are simply that good relative to the rest of the pack. Treatment in expensive cities is more expensive than treatment in smaller cities. The supply-demand curve does not apply for gynecomastia treatment, unless your surgeon is truly world-famous and boasts of consistent results. Like most patients, we want a surgeon who is a proven expert at the treatment of gynecomastia — after all, you would want a mechanic who knows how to work on Porsche when you own a Porsche.

Since most of us are not made out of money, the stark reality is that going with a less expensive surgeon may be worth the gamble. After all, anything is better than what you’ve got, right? What’s the worst that can happen anyway? Indeed, you may get lucky and enjoy a result that you can live with, but there are inherent risks associated with putting yourself in the hands of a surgeon who tells you “this is something I can do” as opposed to a surgeon who says, “this is something I have done hundreds, if not thousands of times before.” Believe me, there is a difference. When it comes to any surgical procedure, nothing beats experience. Heck, you could make that argument for just about anything in life.

There is also the issue of what the treatment is “worth.” You have been suffering from a condition for quite some time and it has been ruining the fun in your life. You can try hard to block it out of your life but you know that it creeps up all the time. You can spend your hard-earned money on all sorts of lotions and potions that, quite frankly, would never compare to the value of that money spent on surgical treatment to liberate you from gynecomastia. Sorry, friend. The relief from expert gynecomastia treatment is a life changer, one that you could compare to the doctor telling you that your “cancer is cured.” Last time I checked, that is a really big deal.

90 Minutes Of Gynecomastia Surgery - Your Questions Answered

90 Minutes Of Gynecomastia Surgery – Your Questions Answered

So where does that leave the issue of gynecomastia surgery cost? Ultimately, only you can answer that question. My recommendation is to first embrace the fact that once gynecomastia is established, it will not go away with diet, weight loss or medications. Exercise will not get rid of gynecomastia no matter how much you may try. Find the best surgeon you can for the best price and commit to treatment so you can move on with your life. Then, and only then, will you step out of the shadows of gynecomastia and into the light of liberation. As always, choose wisely, consider the value of treatment because it’s all about you, and take care of this business once and for all.

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